Mueller Streamline is a leader in the design and manufacturing of HVAC/refrigeration valves.

Trusted and respected for products that provide optimum system performance and enhanced serviceability, Streamline valves feature forged brass bodies and are built to the highest quality and testing standards in the industry.

Incorporating many proprietary technologies and all of the latest industry innovations and performance features, Streamline HVAC and refrigeration valves are compatible with the newest refrigerants and oils – and deliver flawless operation over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Reliefmaster Change-over Manifold



Pressure Relief Valves including:

· Straight through

· Angle

· Atmospheric



Cyclemaster Ball valves including:

·Ball Valves

·Cyclemaster 3-way Ball Valves

·Cyclemaster Actuated Ball Valves 

· 3-way Actuated Ball Valves

Check Valves including:

·Four Bolt Check Valves

·Screw Bonnet Check Valves

·Magnetic Check Valves

·Rupture Discs

·Pressure Gauges



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